“All the trainers put such effort into their classes, and Mike into my PT sessions, I feel constantly challenged and that is why I keep coming back…My body has never looked better and most importantly I got my self confidence back.”

“It’s like I found myself an additional little family! If you are serious about getting fit and healthy then GHF is the best place for it.”

“It makes one feel valued knowing that the trainers are keeping an eye out and will push us to exceed our fitness goals.”

“A bad day at work can be totally turned around by getting to a class. Stephen and his team inspire the utmost confidence and promote an environment which is nurturing, inclusive, goal-orientated and best of all FUN. I have met great friends (and bagged me a husband!).”

“I set myself a goal to get my weight back down to where it had been when I was 30 before I had 4 children, and to do this before I hit 40. With help, encouragement and accountability from staff at GHF, I reached that target.”

“Each trainer takes the time to ensure you understand and enjoy the class whilst making sure you do enough to have worked out and challenged yourself – whether this be through repetitions, weights, quicker times or in my case flexibility.”

“Just as well then that Good Health and Fitness have over 30 classes a week to choose from… That means there is plenty of choice for us to both go around our childcare duties!”

“I don’t know for sure how they ‘do it’ but they absolutely ‘do it’ and I’m here for keeps.”

“The instructors are all very knowledgeable in what they do, are always willing to give you advice and are always willing to adapt an exercise to suit a person’s needs.”

“I thought I would struggle with my fitness but having other people doing the same thing at the same time actually encourages you to push yourself further.”